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IL School Code Amended for School Discipline

Through the introduction of Illinois Senate Bill SB0100, and its enactment into law as Public Act 099-0456, the Illinois State Code has been amended in the area of School Discipline. All schools needed to implement the policies and procedure set forth in this act by September 15, 2016.

Key areas of focus include: student discipline policies, parent-teacher advisory committees, bullying prevention, cooperation with local law enforcement agencies, school bus procedures, early intervention procedures, suspensions and expulsion of pupils, school searches, discipline interventions, staff professional development around juvenile justice involvement, classroom management, cultural responsiveness, and positive school climate.

For more information:

Visit the Illinois General Assembly’s website for the full text and complete information on the legislation.

Log-on to the Illinois Principals Association website and click on “SB100 Resources” to view a recorded informational webinar, as well as additional resources.