Building a System of Supports that Works! 

The IL MTSS-N has a track record of effectively improving equitable outcomes for students, including students with disabilities and racial/ethnic diversity. State assessment in 3rd Grade ELA for Children with Disabilities results increased an average of 60.07% over one academic year for an IL MTSS-N cohort, while another district achieved a 138.38% increase. The equitable benefits of partnering with IL MTSS-N are demonstrated in the following graph.


IL MTSS-N uses evidence-based tools to ensure high fidelity. One tool is the High Quality Coaching Checklist. This tool helps our coaches identify successes, barriers, and ensures coaching principals are implemented with fidelity. IL MTSS-N coaches have averaged a score of 99.23%!  Similarly, IL MTSS-N coaches use a High Quality Professional Development (HQPD) tool which examines quality of professional development based on evidence-based practice. IL MTSS-N coaches have received an average score of 97.82% on the HQPD! IL MTSS-N effectively supports educators gain new knowledge, skills, and reach their goals by providing high-quality coaching and professional learning with a focus around a Multi-tiered System of Supports.

Another tool IL MTSS-N uses is the Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation - Illinois Version (SAM-I) based on Florida’s Self-Assessment of MTSS Implementation (Stockslager, Castillo, Brundage, Childs, and Romer.) It focuses on the essential actions and activities for MTSS fidelity of implementation through 6 domains.

  1. developing leadership for implementation,
  2. developing the capacity and infrastructure necessary to support implementation,
  3. building communication and collaboration structures,
  4. engaging in data-based problem solving,
  5. implementing a three-tiered instruction/intervention model, and
  6. building a comprehensive data and evaluation system.

The following graph demonstrates growth in these areas over a five year timespan. 



Scoring: 0 = not implementing; 1 = Emerging/developing; 2 = Operationalizing; and 3 = Optimizing.

Scores closer to 3 are considered stronger than scores closer to 0. 

 See what our partners are saying!



“IL MTSS Network has been integral in the development and continuation of a solid MTSS implementation in our district. We started working with IL MTSS Network in 2017 as a way to increase our capacity to provide support via interventions to our students. Since that time they have assisted us in developing a more comprehensive program that includes academic intervention, social-emotional intervention, and attendance intervention.” District Superintendent

“Their professional development, support, and coaching in all facets of MTSS has been invaluable. [Our] school has been able to examine its PBIS practices, MTSS interventions and support referrals, literacy and phonics instruction, and chronic absenteeism. Through the efforts of the network, we were able to implement a problem-solving protocol addressing our Chronic Absenteeism, resulting in increased parental awareness and a decrease in Chronic Absenteeism.” School Principal 

Illinois MTSS Network “has provided our staff and administrators with opportunity, expert knowledge and continued support that has helped to strengthen and develop our district MTSS framework which benefits all of our student learning.” Elementary Reading Interventionist



IL MTSS-N can provide support around a variety of educational areas. If you are looking for positive effects at your school or district, reach out to us today!

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