Online Learning is currently one of the Teaching and Learning Opportunities offered. For district and school professionals currently working with the Illinois MTSS Network, we have partnered with the with Center for the Advancement and Support of Educational Initiatives at Illinois State University to offer trainings through onlineIMPACT.

OnlineIMPACT is a web-based professional learning program for K-12 teachers and administrators in Illinois. It offers workshops that help educators stay apprised of new and emerging educational trends and develop new skills that will foster continued success in the classroom. Convenience and cost-effectiveness are among the many benefits to this type of learning environment. This “anytime, anywhere” access to professional development opportunities provides a more flexible approach to learning that’s designed to fit any schedule.  And, because workshops are offered virtually, participants save time and money.  The Illinois MTSS Network is excited to Partner with the Center for the Advancement and Support of Educational Initiatives to bring you the following teaching and learning opportunities.

If you are not a current district or school supported by the IL MTSS-N but interested in online teaching and learning opportunities, please contact Julie West.



Coaching Series
Millions of dollars are spent annually on professional learning; current research indicates that it provides little to no impact on student achievement or adult behavior …
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Family Series
This is a series of learning opportunities and tools developed to support parents/families in actively partnering with their school districts and participating in the educational …
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Data Series
The purpose of these learning series’ is to support participants in deepening their understanding of effectively using data in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). …
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Early Literacy Series
This professional learning series focuses on using research to inform literacy instruction. Specifically, this series focuses on addressing the question: “What Do We Know About …
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Schoolwide Positive Behavior Supports (SWPBS) Series
SCHOOLWIDE POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT (SWPBS) SERIES 1   This learning series presents the critical components of Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS). The series is comprised …
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Childhood Trauma Series
Trauma Informed Practices Childhood Trauma – Consequences for the Brain In this four-part series, participants will be introduced to the concept of developing a trauma-informed …
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