Family Collaborative

Illinois Family Collaborative Compact

The Illinois Family Collaborative, a workgroup of organizations, recognizes the need for interagency communication specifically limited to an agreement around family engagement.

To strengthen a collaborative perspective toward the various family engagement work in Illinois, each of the following organizations will attest, by adding the signature of an authorized leader, to be held as part of this compact for the purpose of acceptance and utilization of the following definition to guide their work.

Meaningful Family Engagement …

Is based on the premise that parents, educators, and community members share responsibility for youth development; Is fostered through a deliberate process and embraced throughout the school community; empowers adults to jointly support student growth, addresses barriers to learning, and is mindful of diverse school-communities and responsive to student and family needs.


Partner Organizations


Early Choices Preschool Initiative


Early Childhood Professional Learning Center




Family Matters Parent Training & Information Center


Illinois STARNET