Pam Walden
Network Capacity Coach, Southern Illinois

Pam Walden is a Network Capacity Coach in the Southern region of the state. She has 11 years of teaching experience and 17 years of experience as an educational consultant.

During her 17 years as an educational consultant, Pam worked with two major educational publishing companies and provided staff development training in all core content areas to school districts in 22 states. She was part of a training team that provided staff development for the 5 Essential Elements of Reading and the Reading First initiative. Pam was highly involved in helping to develop math practice materials for the ISAT in Illinois and the KERA assessment in Kentucky. She was part of the scoring network for state assessments and used her content expertise to help score extended response items in reading and math for Illinois and Ohio assessments. Her most recent work with a publishing company included being the National Math Consultant and working with editorial to develop materials aligned with the Common Core Standards (CCSS). Pam also helped to develop training materials and workshops addressing the CCSS.

In her 11 years of teaching experience across K-12 grade levels, Pam has held Title 1 Reading and Title 1 Math positions and been a classroom teacher. Her teaching experience has also included being responsible for benchmark, diagnostic, and progress monitoring assessments within an RtI framework and delivering interventions to students.  As a Title 1 Math instructor, her position included doing model and manipulative lessons in grade levels K-5 with all students twice weekly and providing pull-out services for those students needing Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions in math.

Pam graduated from Illinois State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Reading. She pursued graduate work at Southern Illinois University in Elementary Math Education. In May 2009 she earned her Master’s Degree in Educational Administration at Eastern Illinois University (EIU). Pam continued at EIU and completed her Educational Specialist Degree in Administration Leadership in December 2010.