Melissa Hannasch

Melissa Hannasch, Ph.D., was the Statewide Director for the IL MTSS-N. 

Before her role as director, Melissa served the Network for 12 years as associate director, an evaluation coordinator, area wide instructional leader, and co-director. Melissa received a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon where she specialized in MTSS, educational systems change, instructional consultation, and positive behavioral support. She has supported the implementation of MTSS at the national, state, regional, LEA, school, and student level.  Melissa has published research on professional learning, implementation of effective innovations/evidence-based practices, and student growth. She has provided professional learning, technical assistance, and/or coaching services on continuous improvement, assessment, and interventions with over 112 LEAs across the country, with the majority of services provided for Illinois LEAs. Melissa has been an associate professor and coordinator of special education, a school psychologist, a positive behavior support specialist, and an educator.