Technical Assistance (TA) is a process to facilitate the transference of specialized information related to district concerns, challenges, and organizational issues through consultation, problem-solving, and connections to resources resulting in the improved implementation of MTSS core principals. Technical Assistance works with and supports Teaching and Learning Opportunities and coaching processes. (phone calls, conference calls, email, etc.)


One structure the IL MTSS Network will use to provide technical assistance is regularly scheduled networking meetings to facilitate professional communities of practice. Teachers have known for years when students support other students in the learning process, the achievement of all is increased.  Professional Learning Communities of Practice are designed around this concept. Districts will support and learn from one another as they work to implement an MTSS framework through a systematic approach. These meetings will be “working” sessions designed to provide time for skill development, problem-solving, and networking. By participating in a community of practice, educators with common interests, concerns, and organizational issues will have an opportunity to build relationships that will contribute to the sustainability of implementation.