How We Connect

HOW does the IL MTSS-N work? Services available to all LEAs are provided by regionally based IL MTSS-N staff members. LEAs that meet criteria established by ISBE for more intensive levels of support will be assigned a small team of IL MTSS-N staff who will provide individualized coaching and technical assistance. Because the IL MTSS-N delivers individual services through a coach-the-coach model for the purpose of building capacity and sustainability, the IL MTSS-N support team will work directly with the district and building leadership teams as well as district and building level coach(es). IL MTSS-N Capacity Coaches coach and support the District and Building Coaches who facilitate teams and coordinate efforts with the authority to implement. The District and Building Coaches are responsible for ensuring that the district and buildings take the necessary steps to implement and sustain district-wide MTSS.

  • The IL MTSS-N’s goal is to provide Illinois educational entities with professional learning that builds leadership and educator capacity to improve practice and make a positive impact on student growth and outcomes.
  • The IL MTSS-N provides three types of professional learning —training and learning opportunities, coaching and technical assistance described as:
    • Training and Learning Opportunities is a purposeful, skill-based, and adult-learning informed process designed to support educators’ knowledge, skills, and practices. Training is formal or experiential instruction intended to meet a specific, pre-established outcome or learning objective.
    • Coaching is a process that supports educators to utilize with fidelity their knowledge and skills developed during training. Coaching is based on building capacity through relationships and facilitative questioning to help an individual or group take action toward goal-setting and achievement of desired goals. Coaching includes modeling, observation, reflective questioning, feedback, or other individualized supportive assistance.
    • Technical Assistance (TA) is a process designed to facilitate the transference of specialized information and skills through consultation,  problem-solving and connection to resources. By participating in a community of practice, including network and coaches meetings, people with common interests, concerns, and organizational issues will have an opportunity to continue learning with and from each other. TA works with and supports the training and coaching processes.