Public Act 100-0156

HB3139 Enrolled             LRB100 09668 MLM 19837 b                   

AN ACT concerning education.  

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly:

 Section 5. The School Code is amended by changing Section 27A-5 and by adding Section 26-18 as follows:

    (105 ILCS 5/26-18 new)                         

    Sec. 26-18. Chronic absenteeism report and support.               

    (a) As used in this Section:                    

    "Chronic absence" means absences that total 10% or more of school days of the most recent academic school year, including absences with and without valid cause, as defined in Section 26-2a of this Code, and out-of-school suspensions for an enrolled student.                         

    "Student" means any enrolled student that is subject to compulsory attendance under Section 26-1 of this Code but does not mean a student for whom a documented homebound or hospital record is on file during the student's absence from school.               

    (b) The General Assembly finds that:                

        (1) The early years are a critical period in children's learning and development. Every child should be counted present every day. Every day of school matters.              

        (2) Being absent too many days from school can make it difficult for students to stay on-track academically and maintain the momentum to graduate from high school in order to be college-or career-ready.                         

        (3) Every day of school attendance matters for all students and their families. It is crucial, therefore, that the implications of chronic absence be understood and reviewed regularly.                     

    (c) Beginning July 1, 2018, every school district, charter school, or alternative school or any school receiving public funds shall collect and review its chronic absence data and determine what systems of support and resources are needed to engage chronically absent students and their families to encourage the habit of daily attendance and promote success. The review shall include an analysis of chronic absence data from each attendance center or campus of the school district, charter school, or alternative school or other school receiving public funds.                  

    (d) School districts, charter schools, or alternative schools or any school receiving public funds are encouraged to provide a system of support to students who are at risk of reaching or exceeding chronic absence levels with strategies such as those available through the Illinois Multi-tiered Systems of Support Network. Schools additionally are encouraged to make resources available to families such as those available through the State Board of Education's Family Engagement Framework to support and engage students and their families to encourage heightened school engagement and improved daily school attendance.

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